Spend Thrift

Me + Credit Card = Shopping. When I am in a good mood - this is not a good idea. When I am in a good mood - seriously remove the credit card from my hand and do NOT, I repeat DO NOT suggest going shopping or going out for the day. I am generally … Continue reading Spend Thrift



https://twitter.com/s8n/status/1140950751394639872 I liked and shared this tweet today on twitter. I thought it was hilarious because...well it's true isn't? No other species causes so much drama, chaos and destruction to, not only the planet and to other species, but its own kind as well. Seriously, humanity is fucked up. Shall we name a few? SlaveryWar … Continue reading Overthinking

Body Image

I decided to write on this subject because I have issues with my own body image. Everyone judges themselves too harshly. There is always something they wish they could change. Too fat, too thin, stupid hair, wonky face, flabby arms, bum is too big, too old an wrinkly, too short, too tall, chunky legs. The … Continue reading Body Image