Discover You

Whilst visiting my local mental health charity for a catch-up on positive mind techniques for my depression and anxiety. The topic of clashing personalities came up. I had been (still have) some people at work that I clash with. Just simply because our personalities differ. Like many, I don’t know much about my own personality, I know some and the rest is only what others have told me. So, I asked “how do I find out?”. turns out – a simple quiz will do it.

Below are links to images of the same quiz I took. It gave me clarity on…well me. I know more about my personality now than I ever did.

For best results:
1. Take the test without looking at the results. Seriously, it is the best way to do it.
2. Answer honestly. If you won’t be honest with you, then who will you be honest with?
3. Check for each row, you don’t have multiple of the same number.
4. Check your maths. Make sure you add up each one correctly.
5. Have fun. Discover you!

True Colours Personality Test*

True Colours Personality Test Results**

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